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SNOB Milano

SNOB Milano Eyewear Makes Its Way to SA

  • by: SNOB Milano
  • January 8, 2018

Italian optical and sunglass fashion brand SNOB Milano Eyewear Collection is set to launch in South Africa. The collection is 100% made in Italy, in Varese, and its produced internally in Sordelli where every single step of production is managed.

The success of the brand is a result of the mix between the magisterial Italian manufacturing knowledge, technology and the creative fashion culture based in Milan. There are many new independent brands on the market, none are unique such as SNOBMilano in the way the company owns the entire internal production. This means SNOBMilano can dynamically follow the market, keep balanced stock, offer high customer service and always keep ahead of the market demands. At SNOBMilano, technology research, style and brand comes first. When innovation meet creative minds, it’s always a good point of discussion.

The collection is built with a nylon base 2 mask lens: the special curve of the glass, together with the advanced eyewear design, gives special reflection and effects. The nylon frame gives lightness and shock resistance.

The original flat lens mask which today is the biggest European style trend was pioneered and launched by SNOBMilano at MIDO 2015. For this reason, in just a mere 3 years, the SNOBMilano brand has consolidated its position in the international market and sell approx. 100K pieces per year.

Tzvia Hermann, Founder and Co-owner of Beautique Distribution explains that she fell in love with the brand after a trip to Italy. She purchased a pair for herself and on her return to South Africa, after everyone commented about them, she decided that she just had to bring the brand to the South African market.

“I absolutely love the SNOB sunglass collection but what got me very excited when we signed sole distribution of the brand, is the optical range. Many sunglass and optical brands have tried to pull off a trendy looking pair of opticals that turn into sunglasses. Not many have succeeded.

SNOB have got it just right! The SNOB Milano opticals are unique and versatile in the way that each pair come with a complementary matching magnetic sunglass lense which magically turns ones sophisticated opticals into a cool pair of sunnies. Whats even better is that one can purchase as many different magnetic lenses as they wish. The lenses come in an array or different shades, from Cherry tortoise with charcoal lens to rose gold, Classic black with metal temples, green lens and fading mirror.” Says Tzvia.

Click here to view a video of how the optical and magnets lense works

Some SNOB Milano Facts:

  • 100% UVA and UVB protective
  • frames are made with Nylon TR90
  • lenses are made in nylon with shatterproof and antireflex
  • nylon is the lightest lens material with high optical quality and the most resistant to mechanical impact.

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